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Products:  Below is a partial list of the products we offer. We welcome all inquiries for any type of industrial product.

Air Knocker
Exen manufactures flow aid devices for the powder and material handling industries. Their main product is the Exen Air Knocker which is a pneumatic impacting device that attaches to hoppers, silos, convey pipes, etc.

Factory Automation System
Alpha-Design, with its high precision & high stability mechanical technology and Order-Made capability polished by developing Labor-saving & Automation Machine in the past, now devotes themselves in developing, manufacturing, selling Factory Automation equipment, High precision Semiconductor Bonder, Printed Circuit Board Insertion Machine and PCB Inspection Prober

Industrial Hardware
TAKIGEN Manufacturing Corporation was established in 1910. We are the leading industrial hardware manufacture company in Japan. Our core products are handles, hinges, and key locks for specific industrial fields to meet diverse requirements. In these days, security and safety is in demand for the industrial field, IT industry, electric power source industry, traffic control, public transportation, military, schools, hospital facilities and so on. We are introducing our high-end security solutions to meet our ever-changing customer needs.

Mold machine Monitoring system
SIGMAX Camera Detection protects your valuable mold and prevents mold damage from errors in loading insert and errors in loading insert at plastic injection field. It has fascinating features of freely adjustment of Mold Monitoring area and accuracy, of easy operation, and of High Speed Treatment.

Press Machine
KOMATSU Imagine, complete control of all slide motion--slide velocity, multiple stroke lengths and dwell – all without loss of energy and repeatability in microns. The Komatsu Mechancial Servo Presses deliver nearly 3 times more working energy than a conventional mechancial press but consumes 30% less electrical energy. From 35-200 ton single point gap presses to 1500 ton straight side presses. With over 3500 servo presses installed world wide, Komatsu is the recognized world leader in servo technology.

Product for Automotive industry
HAMS CORP. manufactures an automated and work saving automatic sewing system modified from the industrial sewing machine. Based on our sewing technology and specialized experience we cover various industries. Product lines are automatic sewing machine for women undergarments, jeans for the Apparel Industry, along with seatbelt automatic sewing system and others for the Automotive Industry. We strive to innovate from previous concept and challenges to new field whenever it is related to sewing.

Product for LiB industry
We design and produce a wide range of manufacturing equipment for Lib and Prototype for Research and Development, and have much experiences to supply Dryer, Stacking, Tab Welding, Injection Machine for Laminating and Cylindrical type battery.
Nagano Automation   Noritake

Product for Sanitary industry
Moritani presents many solutions for our customer’s sanitary product needs. Moritani offers Zuiko Products, and also has access to Taiwanese-based manufacture of super absorbent polymer, non-woven, and elastic raw materials. Zuiko, founded in 1946, helps all people throughout the world to live comfortable and healthy lives through the production of machines for sanitary napkins, diapers, pulp recycling, pet sheets, wet wipes, 3D masks, and many more applications. Zuiko specializes in performing in-house product development in order to innovate the sanitary industry and protect our loved ones.

Pumps and Dampers

We are proud to promote Anlet Root Blowers and pumps, as well as Nippon Technical Engineering Dampers. Anlet offers both ISO 14001 certified air and water type blowers, pumps, and dust collectors in order to provide ecologically sustainable solutions for our world’s rapidly advancing industrial landscape.

Kosaka Laboratory Ltd. has developed and sold products with precision engineering technology since 1950. Providing the clients with oil pumps for thermal power plant such as centrifugal pump, twin screw pump and three spindle screw pump, etc. Kosaka offers the completed oil pumps as well as spares and maintenance parts for almost all pumps.

Nippon Technical Engineering, founded in 1973, has adopted its “Plus One” Motto by providing high quality solutions to air control and management for the ever-changing market and worldly needs. Nippon Technical Engineering has established a secure foothold in the dedicated manufacture of dampers, seeking to provide for the global market.

Special Valves

Hatanaka Special Valve Producing severe service valves for power, oil and gas, chemical industry. Valve type available Ball, Gate, Check, Y-Globe, Angle-Globe and special valve and special material valves with automation. Apply temperature from minus 200deg. C. for cryogenic service to more than 1000 deg. C. containing slurry and high pressure, corrosive media for many application. And we ensure long life with our parts supply and customer support for maintenance services.

Nakakita Seisakusho is the leading company of valves and other fluid control devices. Developing valves specifically for use in gas turbine power generation plants and gas turbine combined cycle power plant (GTCC). Offering the clients high quality and various ranges of control valves, cylinder valves and butterfly valves.

Test and Inspection Equipment

S-Tech Co., Ltd. have supplied various testing equipment such as Impact testing machine to evaluate the safety for Automotive industry. S-Tech can design and manufacture Vibration and impact testing machine, Human body model, Acceleration testing machine and Shaker etc which can verify vibration and impact occurred in the process of distribution of product in the industry.

TOPCON TECHNOHOUSE offers comprehensive turnkey services ranging from standard products to high-end products of optical measuring solutions to meet the individual requirements of our customers. The optical measurement products are used extensively in a variety of applications such as display, automotive, lighting industry and Research & Development.

Ultrasonic COMPLEX Vibration Welding

Link-Us was established in 2014, specialized in development, design and to manufacture ultrasonic welding machines using the ultrasonic COMPLEX vibration technology. Ultrasonic metal welding is an innovated technology which resolves existing metal welding problems. The patent technology for the ultrasonic Complex vibration technique can not only weld similar metals or different materials that could not be welded before, but also achieve strong connections because of no inclusions. We are introducing our various devices for the ultrasonic welding applications.

Vibration Test Equipmment
IMV Corporation the world’s leading supplier of noise and vibration test equipment. From single axis vibration test systems to six degrees of freedom, multi-axis vibration test systems, Environmental Evaluation System and Related Equipment. IMV can provide a complete test solution. Explore the industry-leading technology.
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