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Company Name ALPHA DEIGN CO., LTD.
2211-3 Ko, Shigeno, Tomi-city, Nagano
389-0511 Japan
TEL +81(268)64-0088  FAX +81(268)64-0080
Founded January 19, 1989
Capital 195 million yen
Representatives Chairman  Masayoshi Morisawa
President & CEO  Noboru Chiba
Business Description ·Development, manufacturing and sales of FA device
·Development, manufacturing and sales of
  high-precision mounter for semiconductor
·Development, manufaturing and sales of circuit
  board mounter
·Flying probe tester
Branch Office
Saitama Office

Daigo Building 5F, 7-6 Wakitahoncho,
Kawagoe-city, Saitama 350-1123 Japan
TEL +81(49)293-2795  FAX +81(49)293-2796
Fukuoka Office

Lab#205 Experimental Center for Social SystemTechnologies,
1963-4 Higashi, Itoshima-city,
Fukuoka 819-1122 Japan
TEL +81(92)331-8001  FAX +81(92)331-8041
Utsunomiya Office

2579-8 Takou, Kaminokawa-machi,
Kawachi-gun, Tochigi 329-0524 Japan
TEL +81(285)38-7577  FAX +81(285)38-7571
Shanghai Office

Room 801, Fu long Building, No.273
Si ping Road, Shanghai 200081 China
TEL +86(21)6278-8681  FAX +86(21)6278-8992
The Affilliated Companies

3-4452-20 Hachimanhara, Yonezawa-city,
Yamagata 992-1128 Japan
TEL +81(238)29-0720  FAX +81(238)29-0721
Tonami Corporation Ltd

636 Yagi, Tonami-city, Toyama 939-1317 Japan
TEL +81(763)33-2145  FAX +81(763)33-2147

Nagano Office
2211-3 Ko, Shigeno, Tomi-city, Nagano
389-0511 Japan
TEL +81(268)64-7288  FAX +81(268)64-7180
Dalian Alpha Design Co.,LTD.

No.15-14 koushin Supporting Enterprise Park, No.27
Liaoning Street, Economic and Technological Develpment Zone, Dalian 116600 China
TEL +86(411)8763-6310  FAX +86(411)8763-6410
Alpha Automation Technology (Shenzhen) Co.,LTD.

Room 205, 2F, Building A, Jingui Building, No.68, Puti Road, Futian District, Shenzhen 518040 China
TEL&FAX +86(755)8382-5326
Advantages of our custom equipment

We carry out consistently from design, manufacturing to start of product with our high precision and reliable mechatronics technologies we have built while developing labor-saving and automated equipment along with our detailed customized services we have nurtured while delivering custom-made products.


Advantages of our standard equipment

1. Semiconductor Device Market
  • To meet the rapidity of technological innovation in semiconductor industry, we focus on developing leading-edge process technologies.
  • We propose next-generation process/method by providing high-level semiconductor packaging process and high precision mounting equipments to customers.

2. Printed Circuit Substrate Market
  • Making use of our proven experience and expertise along with multitude of sales performance, we contribute to provide high reliable automatic insertion system for discreet electronic parts such as axial, radial and odd-shaped components.
  • We have established highly accurate coating process to narrow area and provide film thickness uniformity regarding to the conformal coating on a electric substrate and precise coating of fluorescent and sealant on LED substrate.

3. LED Lamp Market

We provide automated assembly line for manufacturing LED lamp by adopting high precision and reliable transfer system we have nurtured while developing custom-made equipments. By taking advantage of our high process technological capabilities we have gained through providing semiconductor packaging process to customers, we diversify our business into LED module manufacturing market.

4. Photovoltaic Market

As a photovoltaic module manufacture equipment business expected as clean energy, we globally develop full-scale module manufacturing facility with high positional accuracy and reliable stringers.

5. Social Information Device Market

We provide a range of products/services such as a simple entering or leaving access control system and/or a construction of an advanced social information infrastructure with highly secure advanced operations control and convenience.

Customized Equipment Business 

Standard Equipment Business

  • Die bonder (HSDB)
  • Flip chip bonder (HSB)
  • Chip inspection taping machine (ACT-330) and others
  • Board-Packer series
  • Press-fit connector insertion equipment (AFP)
  • Conformal coating equipment for printed circuit substrate (ACM)
  • LED lamp assembling equipment
  • LED module assembling equipment
  • LED inspection machine
  • Various module assembling equipment for photovoltaic solar cell
  • VRICS terminal device
  • Control system for entering or leaving a room
  • Control system for attendance or leaving
  • Local government e-money system
  • Various IC card terminal device

Highspeed·High Accuracy probing Solution

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